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March 2007

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The Greer South Carolina Real Estate market has a large selection of homes for sale in both new and existing properties. Below is a recap of activity so far in 2007.

  2007 Year To Date
Active Listings 568
Average List Price for Actives $277,867
Sold Listings 221
Average Price For Sold $202,093

The average days on markets for sold properties in 2007 in Greer has been 78 days which is about 15 days less than the overall average for our area.

Greer has a large number of new construction homes available. Of the 568 total active homes in Greer, 203 of these are new never lived in homes.  These homes are in such neighborhoods as Fox Creek Farm, Glen Abbey and Griffith Farm.

If Greer SC is

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The Greenville South Carolina Real Estate market is made up of not only homes for sale in Greenville but in surrounding suburbs as well as surrounding counties.  The major suburbs include Simpsonville, Greer, Taylors and Mauldin.  Currently in the Greenville MLS there are 4,950 homes for sale for an average price of $252,390. In 2007 there have been 1,587 homes sold for an average price of $176,144 and average days on market has been 91 days. In our market we are currently carrying about a 9 month inventory of homes for sale which is typical for our market.

Below is an overview of the primary markets in our area and the current inventory available.

City Listings Average Price
Greenville 1210 $217,182
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Simpsonville is a great mixture of old and new.  Since it's beginnings in the 1820's Simpsonville has changed with the times and poised for continued growth.  Back in 1994 Simpsonville was proclaimed as the fastest growing city in America with a population of under 25,000.  The Simpsonville SC Real Estate market is keeping up with the growth of the town.

The Simpsonville SC Real Estate landscape is made up of some of the most popular neighborhoods in the entire upstate area. 

Neighborhoods of Simpsonville

  • Autumn Trace
  • Gilder Creek Farm
  • Holly Tree Plantation
  • Highland Creek
  • Kilgore Farms
  • Kingsbridge
  • Long Creek Plantation
  • Morning Mist
  • Neely Farm
  • Orchard Farms
  • River Walk
  • Stonehaven
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The repairs have been made and you have completed the final walk through and ready to proceed to closing.  In the state of South Carolina real estate closings are conducted at the office of an attorney.  Funds that you need for closing will need to be in the form of a certified funds check made out to the attorney or wired to the attorney. Your mortgage company will electronically send the mortgage package to the attorney normally 48 hours prior to closing and the attorney will compose the HUD (closing statement) that will outline your charges. The buyers and sellers as well as their Realtor's will attend the closing.

Once the closing is completed your new Greenville area home is yours. Remember that the Greeenville County tax office will be mailing

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Now that you are under contract for your new Greenville SC area home, you will want to have the home inspected.  Typical inspections are the actual home inspection, including a Radon gas test, as well as a termite inspection. In case you are not familiar with inspectors in the Greenville area, I will be able to provide a list of names for you to select from.

Once the inspections are complete, the inspectors will submit written reports for you to review and together we will develop a list of Purchaser's Requested Repairs that will be submitted to the listing agent for their client to review.  All repairs will be requested to be made by licensed contractors and documented with receipts.

Watch for Step 7 of the Home Buying Process coming soon.

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You have found the home of your dreams and now it is time to make the offer. Your Realtor will provide you analysis of the most recent home sales in the area as well as specific information about the home. This will include a copy of the Sellers Disclosure statement where the seller will explain any deficiencies in the home.

Once you have worked with your Realtor to determine the targeted purchase price, your Realtor will advise you on the best way to structure the offer so that you have the highest probability of getting the offer accepted. At the time the offer is submitted you will provide an earnest money check equal to roughly 1% of the purchase price to show the seller you are serious about purchasing the home. This money will be kept in a

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You have been preapproved for your mortgage, made your list of wants and needs for your new home and selected the Greenville SC area Realtor you will be working with. Now it is time for the official house hunting to begin.  Based on the information you provided your Realtor you should develop a "Top 10" list of homes to start your search. Many home buyers want to try to focus on 20 to 30 homes and lose all hope of keeping up with all the homes on their list.  The average home buyer today will view 12 homes prior to making their purchase. Buyers using the Internet are able to greatly reduce the number of homes seen as well as the time spent house hunting compared to non-Internet home buyers.

The appointments are scheduled and you are ready to see the

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Now that you have been preapproved for your mortgage for your new home and determined your wants and needs, it's time to select your Greenville SC area Realtor. Below are some items you should consider when selecting the Realtor you will work with.

  1. The Realtor you work with should be Internet Savvy-Over 80% of today's home buyers will use the Internet during their home search. The agent you select should have a site that is easy to navigate and provide a complete home search of the Greenville MLS that is updated daily. By using the tools on the web site, you should be able to greatly reduce the time and stress associated with your home search.
  2. Someone you trust-You should feel comfortable with your Realtor and trust what they say and know they
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In Step 1 of the home buying process I discussed the need to get preapproved for the mortgage for your new home. Now that you have been preapproved and have a target price range, it's time to focus on your "wants" and "needs" for your new home.

Examples of needs could be:

  1. Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
  2. Location
  3. Number of stories
  4. Lot Size
  5. Garage
  6. Age of home

Examples of wants could be:

  1. Fenced yard
  2. Fireplace
  3. Screened Porch
  4. Color of Brick

Put all your thoughts on paper so that when the house hunting starts, you will be able to articulate these items to me so we can work together to pinpoint your new Greenville SC area home.  With over 5,000 homes for sale, this homework will take the stress out of your home

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Buying a home is an exciting time whether it is your first or if you have purchased several homes before. No matter how many homes you have owned, the home buying process is the same. 

The first step in the home buying process is getting preapproved for a mortgage. Mortgage preapproval is different than mortgage prequalification.  Mortgage preapproval means a lender has looked closely at both your income and your credit report and has determined that your qualify for a mortgage.  They will be able to tell you the type programs available to you as well as the current interest rates for those programs. You can plug the numbers into your monthly budget and determine precisely the price range home to shop for.

Starting to search for your Greenville area

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