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January 2008

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This information is provided by Bert Karrer with Countrywide In a surprise move Monday January 22, 2008, the Federal Reserve cut the benchmark Fed Funds Rate by three-quarters of a percent.  Mortgage rates fell only slightly as the surprise quickly wore off. To understand how the element of surprise works in mortgage markets, think about a Jack-in-the-Box.  Everybod y knows that the clown is coming, they just don't know how many turns of the crank it will take.  When it pops out, there's an immediate shock.  Then it's back to business. Rates did drop down on Tuesday and Wednesday after The Fed’s announcement but the stock market quickly rallied and mortgage rates went back up slightly. This simplified analogy is similar to what happened this…
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Snow in Greenville South CarolinaThis past week in Greenville was quite unusual.  With the South Carolina Republican primary on January 19th came a week full of phone calls from the candidates and our televisions were covered up with all their ads. Then to add to the mix, we had our first snow of the season that caused the schools to close on Thursday and allowed the children a day to play in the snow.

By Friday the temperatures climbed into the 50's and our weather returned to more of what is typical for January.  Saturday saw more snow but the temperatures were above freezing so it did not stick to the ground.

John McCain won the Republican Primary and thankfully the candidates are leaving for their next stop in Florida. However, next weekend the Democrats will hold their Primary

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Relocation home buyers make up a large part of my overall Real Estate practice and they face challenges that buyers making local moves don't even think about. Many times when I meet with my clients, it will be the very first time they have ever been to Greenville South Carolina. They have spent some time on the Internet gathering information about our area and even spent time on my site looking at specific homes. With over 5,000 homes for sale in our area, how does one even begin to sharpen their focus so they can find the home they want in a good location for them?

Through my years of experience in working with relocation clients, I have found there are common threads that run through each situation. Below are 2 of the tips I give my clients for their

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