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June 2014

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Happy Birthday, America. The founding of our country is a cause to celebrate and is really a fun event here in Greenville.

And it is especially fun in downtown Greenville for the annual Wells Fargo Red, White and Blue. This is a free event, and will be from 5 to 10 p.m. on Friday the 4th. It is a great way to kick off the holiday weekend and features live music on two stages, fun-filled activities in the Zaxby’s Kidz Zone and there will be a large variety of popular food and beverage options as well.

The music will be everything from Bluegrass to country to the 246th Army band. It will take place in downtown Greenville and will be from Court to Camperdown Streets and will encompass Broad Street, from Laurens to Falls Streets, and Falls Park. It is a fun

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Greenville's beautiful natural scenery brings visitors and locals alike outdoors to enjoy the variety of outdoor recreational activities the area has to offer. Since Greenville is nestled into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are always plenty of exciting outdoor activities to choose from, and there is always a breathtaking backdrop to go along with the fun. The Greenville area's great outdoors offers a variety of unique opportunities for every kind of nature lover — from the outdoor aficionado who enjoys ambling through trails and taking in the scenery to the professional nature and landscape photographer who is looking for the perfect shot.

If you are looking for the perfect location for nature trails, Conestee Park, located at 840

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One of the many great things Greenville has to offer is a thriving arts scene. It offers the perfect mix of museums housing works by familiar classical greats along with unique modern galleries and a growing indie craft movement. From galleries and menus to performance venues, Greenville is a great location for artists and anyone who enjoys the beauty of craft and creation.

If you are interested in performance art, Centre Stage offers professional theatre with local artists. Centre Stage is located at 501 River Street in Downtown Greenville and has been performing for almost 30 years, drawing on both local and regional talent. Centre Stage produces 6-7 productions each season and covers several different genres of theatre.

Those who enjoy dance will

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Ok. You want to sell your home, but you are not sure how to price it in the market. As you browse through the real estate sites out there, you find the some national site offering "estimates" of your homes worth. You enter your address, expecting an accurate answer. What you see is something that you KNOW is not right. It is either too low or too high, but either way, you KNOW it is not credible.

Here is why:

  • Virtually all of these automated valuation models simply rely on sold data from homes in your area. If your home is near others with a higher or lower value, then they often get the value wrong or skewed
  • None of these websites can look at your home from the inside. And they cannot look at any of the OTHER homes that they are using to compare
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I went to Google today, just for fun, to find out what people were saying about Home Improvement that increases the resale value of your home. Near the top of the list I found THIS ARTICLE from HGTV.com about the value of your home and home improvement projects. The best tip that I found in the article was the first one. Spend an hour with a pro.

Now I know that you probably are thinking that saying that is self serving on my part. It is, to a degree. But it is also the truth. Each day we see lots of homes. We see lots of people buying them. And we see what they like and are willing to pay more for. We also see many home improvement projects that cost people money and yet actually reduce the value of the home.  

Have a home improvement project

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We had another solid month for single family home closings during the month of May and YTD there have been 3,165 homes sold versus 3,225 for the same time period in 2013. The current homes for sale inventory is up 3.5% over the month of April and average days on market decreased by 7 days. The months of June and July are traditionally the 2 largest months for closings and I expect that do be the case this year.

Below is a recap of activity based on information from the Multiple Listing Service of Greenville SC for single family home sales for the month of May 2014.

  • There are currently 4,575 single family homes listed for sale in the Greenville SC MLS. 772 of these homes are To Be Built, Under Construction, New Never Lived In homes.
  • During the
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