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November 2014

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If you are going to sell your home and get the most money that you can, quick and inexpensive home staging ideas can be invaluable. No home is perfect, but these tips take your home from drab to impressive quickly and inexpensively. They let the potential buyer quietly tour the home and literally let them feel relaxed and comfortable.


Here is a link to an HGTV article that has some amazing tips. You are sure to find something in there to help you. HGTV's home staging section is another great resource. In it you can find a treasure trove of ideas to maximize  the value of your home on a budget. 

A final note on home staging. It is easy to go overboard. To do it right is a balance between expense and expected return. The goal is to get the most

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Greenville Animal Care is open admission county government facility that serves the pets of the county along with the stray pets of Spartanburg County. This important non-profit organization provides for the medical care and housing for over 20,000 Greenville & Spartanburg County animals. Their services include care for abused, injured, lost, stray and surrendered animals. Greenville Animal Care also provides foster care and adoption services along with wellness services, vaccinations, micro-chipping, spay/neuter and other important services. Adoption fees offered by the organization are reasonable and help cover the costs for micro-shipping and other wellness services of the pet. 

Greenville Animal Care 

Greenville Animal Care helps match pets to loving owners who can

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A Child's Haven is a Greenville, South Carolina, non-profit organization that is fully dedicated to changing the lives of children who have experienced developmental delays or behavioral challenges. Through this program, 90 percent of young children meet three-quarters or more of their development objectives. 

A Child's Haven 

At any given time, A Child's Haven can help 78 children and families. However, the organization wants to be able to do even more. As the Upstate's only comprehensive treatment program of its kind for children, the organization seeks to expand and help even more children and families. Currently, the program only has capacity for less than 10 percent of Greenville children who need such assistance. To help with the organization's plan to…
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No, not on the specific holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will not be working then! I am taking time like everyone else does, to be with family and friends. That said, homes are being bought and sold all throughout this time of year. I will  be working with clients and helping them buy and sell right up through the end of the year. 

If you are selling, there is less competition because more than a few folks have pulled their homes off of the market to avoid showing hassles. The buyers that are in the market are there because they NEED a place to live. Pro-tip: The seasons have changed. Your listing photos need to reflect the CURRENT weather, climate and season! 

And there seems to be less of a hassle at the moment in getting financing set up

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The Cancer Society of Greenville is a local non-profit organization that helps local families handle the challenges that come with fighting cancer. The agency's vision is to create hope and offer support to local cancer patients and their families during a time that can be frightening. The Cancer Society of Greenville works to create an environment that accelerates healing and hope. The organization also provides high-impact education and counseling services along with financial support for cancer patients and their families. All of this is possible through the awareness and fundraising efforts of the society carried out within the community. 

cancer Society of Greenville County 

Some patient services the Cancer Society of Greenville provides based on income level includes oxygen,

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The Greenville Literacy Association has been proudly serving the Greenville, South Carolina, area for over 50 years by providing literacy instruction to adults who ask for assistance. Over the years, this vital non-profit organization has been able to expand services to include four fully-equipped, fully-staffed learning centers throughout the area. The Greenville Literacy Association also partners with local church and neighborhood literacy programs. 

 Greenville Literacy Association

The association depends greatly on the efforts of community volunteers, who are recruited and trained by the Greenville Literacy Association to instruct adults. The association has a long history of partnering with other community organizations such as United Way of Greenville, Lifelong Learning,

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After the election we are ALL glad that the constant radio and TV ads are done. Peace and quiet at last! And then we look out in our front yard. What do we see? Yard signs from this candidate or that. What most people do is to take them down and the politicians pick them back up. Maybe some of them go in the trash as well. 

I have a better idea. Why don't we trade signs? Seriously, I do not care what party or person.  (Yes, I am being funny, but I really want to make a point here.) I will take your political yard sign and dispose of it for you. I will replace it with a For Sale sign for your home. While everyone else waits for the "spring market", let's get a head start. 

Eddy Kicker and Associates 

Here is the hard truth about marketing your home between now and

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Coming off a strong September, single family home sales in Greenville for October posted a 20% improvement over October 2013. Homes for sale inventory is down slightly from last month and average days on market continues to be improved compared to last year. Year to date single family home sales are up 6%.

Below is a recap of real estate activity based on information provided by the Multiple Listing Service of Greenville SC for single family home sales for the month of October 2014.

  • There are currently 4,457 single family homes for sale in the Greenville MLS
  • 825 of these homes are to be built/under construction/new never lived in homes
  • During the month of October there were 818 homes sold
  • These homes sold for an average price of $196,403
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