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Whether you are moving to a new home, expecting a child or simply want to make your home safe for visiting children, making your home childproof can seem like a daunting task. There are so many things that are easy to overlook when making safety considerations for children. Some safety hazards are obvious and easy to fix, but others could be less noticeable. 


The Kitchen. The kitchen can be a dangerous place for children. Make sure that sharp kitchen utensils are in a drawer with a childproof latch. Make sure chairs and stepstools are always positioned away from the stove and always turn pot handles inward or place them on back burners so children cannot reach them. Unplug appliances that are not in use and be sure to store glass objects and

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Moving to a new location can be stressful on every member of the family — including your pets. Luckily, there are a few easy steps you can take to help keep your pet safe and calm during your move. 


  • Make sure your home is pet-friendly. If your pet needs a lot of outdoor space, be sure that your new location offers it. 
  • Change can be difficult for pets, especially for cats. Consider keeping your pet in a quiet room with the door closed on moving day or even at a friend's home. This will help keep your pet from bolting for the door or getting lost in the clutter. 
  • Start as gradually as possible. This will give your pet a chance to adjust to the idea of change. Start moving in boxes and then gradually begin to pack things away. 
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Updating your kitchen can be a great way to add value to your home. A modern, appealing kitchen is a main selling point for today's buyers. Here are a few of today's top trends in kitchen designs:

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Light Gray. Light gray can be softer and more dynamic than harsh white. Gray can easily be combined with pops of color to add character to your kitchen.  

Bright Appliances. While stainless steel appliances have long been a popular trend, appliances in bright colors are quickly emerging as a top trend. This can be an easy way to add an individual and unique flair.  

Go Bold. Bold fixtures are a great way to make a simple statement in your kitchen. Oversized light fixtures in dramatic colors can create a rich, luxurious feel and add depth to the

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Having a good relationship with your new neighbors can be a vital part of making your new house feel like a home. Some neighbors can be apprehensive about new neighbors moving in and aren't sure what to expect. Here are some ways you can be a good neighbor and help make your community a happier, more harmonious place to live. 

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  • Introduce yourself. After you get settled, introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Research suggests that asking people for advice or their opinions makes them like you better! So go ahead and ask your new neighbors for their coffee shop, pizza or entertainment recommendations. It can be a great way to get a conversation started. 
  • Be a responsible pet owner. Make sure you keep your pets in your own space and
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Like any other industry, the real estate industry has no shortage of jargon. For people who are less familiar with real estate, having so many unfamiliar words tossed around can get confusing, and some people aren't comfortable asking questions. Of course, a good real estate agent will take the time to define and explain everything. But here are a few words you may need to know if you are considering buying or selling a home. 

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-Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)- A CMA is used to help create an estimate as a guide for pricing a home. This is usually based on current or recent market activity on similar homes. A CMA is used by both buyers, sellers and agents who are preparing to buy or sell a home.  

-Collateral - An asset that a borrower offers

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Homes for sale inventory in the Greenville SC real estate market is continuing to be down and is off 12% for the same time period last year. Home sales are up almost 18% year to date and demand continues to be strong. This is great news for anyone wanting to put their home up for sale.

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There are currently 3,890 single family homes for sale in the Greenville MLS with 738 of these being to be built/under construction/new never lived in homes. During the month of April there were 802 home sold for an average price of $205,938 which represented a 3% discount off list price. These homes sold in average of 80 days on market. Home sales were up 7.5% during the month of April and year to date home sales are up almost 18% over the same time period last

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