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When you consider your options for a new home, it is important to think about every aspect of the home's location — including if the community has a homeowners association (HOA). What are the benefits of a homeowners association? What does paying those HOA fees actually give you?

First, an HOA typically means a well-maintained community appearance. The HOA sets standards that homeowners need to abide by. If these standards aren't met, the homeowners could be charged a fine. This adds extra incentive to keep the yards and homes in top shape which helps protect the value of your home. 

To help keep this tidy appearance, there are usually services like lawn care, snow removal or trash removal that the HOA takes care of. The costs of these types of

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Lake Lure is a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors each year. This sparking lake is known for offering stunning views and hours of family fun and is home to the annual Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Festival.

The Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Festival brings people together to promote health and wellness while supporting charitable giving, regional tourism and economic development. This year marks the 11th Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Festival. The Lake Lure Olympiad consists of a 10k Dam Run, Lake Lure Triathalon and Race to the Rock.

The Lake Lure Olympiad is completely family-friendly, so feel free to bring your kids along so they can join in on the fun and earn medals too! There are plenty of events for children aged 4-14 to

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There is no better way to combine fitness, fun and friends than at a Greenville Downtown Line Dance. Every Tuesday at the Sears Recreation Center (located at the corner of N. Main and E Park) you can learn a variety of fun and easy line dances — no prior dance knowledge required!

The line dancing begins at 6:15 and runs until 8 p.m. each Tuesday. Participants can dance to a variety of musical styles including Rock & Roll, Swing, Country, Latin, Hip Hop and R&B. The first hour focuses mainly on party dances like Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle and Bikers Shuffle. The second hour features more mainstream dances like Good Time, R&B Boogie and more. Greenville City residents pay $4 and others pay $5.

This fun tradition of bringing people together to

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Don't miss Friday Starry Nights at the Roper Mountain Science Center! This fun event blends entertainment with education to create fun, lasting memories for families who attend.

Friday Starry Nights are held at the Giant Dome Theater and Planetarium and teach attendants about the wonders of the sky. Each night of the event, there is a 15 minute pre-show called Upstate's Sky Tonight which provides an exciting and quick update about the current placements of the planets, constellations, moon phases and other special celestial events.

From 7p.m. until 8 p.m. the Cowboy Astronomer feature show teaches visitors of all ages about the unseen wonders of the sky and the seasonal celestial features of the heavens. From 8:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m., visitors

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Does your home appeal to investors? There are certain traits investors look for in homes and specific types of homes they seek out. Whether you are a novice investor or trying to make your home appeal to investors, these are the types of homes investors look for:

Easy-to-update homes. If investors are going to put work into updating a home, they will look for listings with sturdy structures. A few minimal cosmetic changes and inexpensive updates can mean big returns for investors. But if the home requires extensive renovations, it will turn some investors away because they want to avoid a money sink.

The perfect location. Investors look for homes that are sure to sell, and finding a home in a popular location is one of the best ways to make sure

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There are plenty of mortgage options out there, so it's important to take the time to find one that works best for you. While it's definitely important to have an idea of the type of loan you want, it's also important to know the types of loans you don't want.


A 30 Year Fixed Mortgage is a popular type of loan where the mortgage payment remains at a fixed rate each month. You pay the same amount every month and at the end of 30 years, the entire loan will be paid off. This type of loan offers the security of fixed payment amounts but may also end up being more expensive than an adjustable-rate loan in the long run. However, the stability of a fixed-rate can make it easier to manage finances and plan ahead.

Like a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage, a

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Port Java City, located at 11 South Main Street, is bringing fresh-roasted coffee to the Greenville neighborhood. Whether you are stopping in for a quick cup of coffee or for a relaxing lunch with friends, Port Java City is a wonderful coffee shop.

Port Java City serves more than just coffee. They also serve hot cocoa, lemonades, milk, juice, Italian soda, smoothies and shakes. They also offer delicious baked goods like muffins, scones, bagels, pastries, brownies and cakes. Breakfast items on their menu include breakfast sandwiches, veggie wraps and more. Signature sandwiches are Chicken Bacon Cheddar, Roast Beef Supreme, Turkey Cubano, Palermo and PBJ & Banana. Wraps and salads on the menu include Cafe Salad, Thai Chicken Salad, Sicilian Wrap,

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The Greenville SC real estate market continues to outperform most of the country. Through June 2015 there have been 5,063 single family homes sold compared to 4,181 for the same time period in 2014 which represents an increase of over 17%. Homes for sale inventory remains low and listings in good condition and priced properly are moving quickly.


There are currently 3,983 single family homes for sale in the Greenville MLS with 718 of these being new construction/to be built homes. During the month of June there were 1,110 single family homes sold compared to 934 for June 2014. The average sold price was $223,401 which represented a 2.8% discount off asking price. Homes sold in an average of 69 days on market which was down substantially from last year.

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Whether you are selling your home for the first time or beginning your first search for a home, you might have questions or concerns about what you should expect on showing day. An experienced real estate agent can help ease any concerns about what both buyers and sellers should expect on showing day.

Buyers: First, be sure to be on time. If you are late, you are not only inconveniencing your real estate agent but also the current owners or occupants of the home. Be sure to get directions of the home and allow for some extra time in case of traffic or getting lost.

During the showing, don't be afraid to ask questions. Use the showing as an opportunity to get as much information about the home as you can. If you are seeing several homes and they

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For many buyers, owning a piece of history is a dream come true. Historic homes over unmatched character with unique touches you simply won't find anywhere else. However, be sure that you are prepared with all of the information you need before you decide to invest in a historic home.


First, you should verify and research the history of the home. Was it the home of someone who was historically important? If the seller makes claims about the history of the home, be sure to verify them with your own research so you always know exactly what you are buying.

Some buyers may feel uneasy about buying a property that is on the National Register. However, a home on the National Register simply acknowledges the historical role and importance of the

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