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Are You the Listing Agent?

Posted by Eddy Kicker on Friday, February 6th, 2009 at 11:14am.

A question I get quite often from people that visit my site is, "are you the listing agent for MLS number blah blah?" I know it can get confusing so let me give you the facts. The National Association of Realtors allows me to show the listings of all the other Realtors in our Greater Greenville Association of Realtors on my site. The number of active single family listings varies but averages around 5,200 and they are all on my site and updated daily.

That means that every home listed for sale regardless of the listing agent is shown on my site so you don't have to waste time surfing the web trying to find all the listings. They are all here and updated each morning at 6:15.

Now, I know some home buyers have an obsession about wanting to deal "directly" with the listing agent under some misguided notion about "saving" money. Never forget the listing agent is working for the seller and is charged with selling the home for the highest price possible. They can never fully represent you while also representing the seller. You have the right to have your own agent that will represent your rights and negotiate on your behalf. The seller has signed a listing agreement clearly stating the commission that is to be paid so you won't be "saving" money but ultimately costing yourself money by calling the listing agent.

My overused analogy: If you and your spouse were getting a contested divorce, would you want to use the same lawyer in an attempt to "save" money? Of course not, you want someone there with your best interests at heart.

OK. I am off the soapbox. Just remember that it costs you nothing to have a buyers agent represent you and hopefully that will be me. I offer buyers what I believe is the best home search site in the Greeenville area and of course my goal is to gain clients by providing this superior information and fast response times.

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