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Information about real estate and real estate trends.

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Real Estate Rules of the Road-House Hunting 101

• Assume every home we view has cameras. Your comments could be going directly to the seller.

• On average home buyers look at 12 homes before making an offer.

• Every resale home will have a sellers disclosure filled out by the seller. This of course does not take the place of a home inspection.

• Closings typically take 30 days from date of fully executed contract. During that time we will schedule the home, termite and radon  inspections. The lender will schedule the appraisal.

• Closings here happen at attorney’s offices.

• Earnest money checks are typically 1% of the offer price.

• Property taxes for owner occupied homes AVERAGE $700 per $100,000 of home tax accessed value. Non

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Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience. A new space is a fresh new start! Moving in and unpacking, however, can be a stressful project to tackle. You can make the move-in process much easier by being organized in how you unpack and set things up. We have 3 steps that we highly recommend.

Before you move in, take the time to plan out your home. Take mental or real pictures of your new space to help you strategize. Think about what you want each room to be. What function do you want it to serve? What would you want it to look like? Pack your things by room, and label them, so you or your movers will know exactly where to place them. Be prepared to be flexible! Sometimes things do not go as planned, but no matter what, planning ahead will

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Relocation clients that are trying to learn more about the Greenville housing market prior to their first trip here ask me a variety of questions. Many of them have to do with home pricing, features and other things they can expect to find when they move here. Below is a snapshot of our current homes for sale inventory with a breakdown by features.

  • There are currently 3,073 singe family homes for sale with an average asking price of $374,594 and the highest price listing at $6,600,000.
  • 98 listings on a golf course
  • 146 Water Front listings
  • 664 basement homes
  • 169 with inground pools
  • 468 homes with a garage size of 3+
  • 2,092 homes with master on the main level
  • 892 homes in subdivisions with pools
  • 981 single story homes
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 With warm thanks for your real estate business and sincere wishes, from my family to yours, for a happy holiday season.

May peace and prosperity be yours thoughout the holidays and New Year.

Eddy Kicker

Eddy Kicker and Associates, LLC

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The month of June continued the positive trend with homes sold up over 5% compared to June of 2015. Homes for sale inventory increased slightly and days on market continues to fall. The real estate market like the weather is hot and should continue for the next several months. Interest rates have dipped slightly since the Brexit fallout and buyers are taking advantage.

There are currently 3,500 single family homes for sale in the Greenville MLS system with 818 of these being new or to be built homes. During the month of June there were 1,177 homes sold for an average price of $231,256 which represented a 2.5% discount off list and sold in an average of 59 days on market. Year to date there have been 5,534 homes sold which is up over 8% compared to

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The real estate industry is fast-paced, involves major financial transactions and offers plenty of opportunities — this combination makes the real estate industry especially attractive to scammers.

Luckily, you can avoid real estate scams if you know what to look for.

First, always remember that if it's too good to be true, it usually is. Next, if you are working with an experienced agent, they can help you spot scams. They can see them from a mile away. Experienced agents have seen it all before and heard all of the horror stories -- everything you never want to have to experience for yourself.

The internet can make searching for a home more convenient, but it can also make it easier for scammers. Some fraudsters may pretend to be affiliated

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If you home is going to be for sale throughout the holiday season, you may be wondering if it's best to decorate your home seasonally or leave it as is. The answer is yes — in moderation!

You can easily overwhelm and turn off buyers with cheesy, over-the-top decorations. Keep it tasteful, classy and consistent. If your home is decorated in a traditional style, use traditional decorations as well. If your home is modern, think about adding some subtle modern touches. If your home is a cottage-style home, consider adding items with a cozy charm.

Be especially careful about what you put on the outside of your home. Too many lights and extension cords can ruin the curb appeal. Tasteful holiday lights and minimal decorations like wreaths are fine.

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Whether you're moving for a new job, itching to move into your dream home or simply in a hurry to get your home sold, there are a few hints and tips to make sure your home is sold faster.


-Price it right. Work with your agent to find a price that is attractive to buyers. If you are really in a hurry, you may be tempted to accept the first offer that comes along. Make sure you plan ahead of time the lowest price you will accept so you don't end up making a rushed decision you'll regret later.

-Staging. Keep your home clean and free from clutter. Make sure the yard and landscaping are also in good order. The more attractive your home appears to buyers, the faster you will get offers. If needed, hire some help. Professional cleaning or staging

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Selling your home can be a stressful and emotional process, but you always want to be sure you are getting what your home is worth. Here are some tips you can use to help negotiate the sale of your properties:

-Know buyer tactics. One of the best ways to be an strong negotiator is to know what to expect. If you can tell when a buyer is throwing a low-ball offer, you can offer a strong counter.

-Set your goals. Is your goal just to sell the home quickly or do you have a certain amount that you absolutely need to get on the home? If you want to sell the home quickly, your strategy will be more flexible and you will likely be more open to accepting offers that aren't quite what you had imagined.

-Know what you have. Another factor that impacts what

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An experienced real estate agent is an expert in their area, but we aren't mind readers. Here are some things you should tell your real estate agent before you start the house buying process:

Budget. You should be open an honest to yourself and your real estate agent about what you can reasonably afford. Give clear a clear price range from the very beginning so no one wastes time hunting for homes outside of what you can afford. Speak with a lender first and get preapproved for a mortgage and you will have a better handle on the price range you should be targeting.

Expectations. From the start, let your agent know your must-haves for a home. What are some things you can budge on? What are some things that are deal breakers for you? You may be

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